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Shark Adventure

South Africa

South Africa

On the contrary of Indonesia, where everything is slow, warm waters and some tranquility in air, South Africa rocks and it’s full of adrenaline! Massive waves, high energy of local people, dozens of big sharks on every dive, whales, elephants, Rhinos, Crocs – there is just SOMETHING ENERGIZING about South Africa! And there are sharks! A LOT OF SHARKS!

During the period of Jun – July, we will organize Sardine Run trips and Africa Shark Adventure and during Feb – March, we will do only Africa Shark Adventure.

Africa Shark Adventure

Shark diving in SA we execute in Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks. Being positioned 5-10km away from the shore and surrounded with deep waters , these pinnacles are places that you can expect to see the most species of Sharks on a single dive.

No, you don’t sit on the bottom, behind the line while some dude is feeding them at a safe distance and you have 3 bodyguards with you! In SA we throw a barrel with tiny holes so only fish essence goes into the water and we hover on 10-15m in the middle of the ocean and sharks are coming from all sides! That is an amazing experience!

Since it’s exposed to two massive oceans and their currents – Indian and Atlantic Ocean, diving is very seasonal.

During period of Jun – July, it’s mating season for Raggie Sharks aka Sand Tiger aka Great Nurse Sharks and they gather in dozens on the reef. Up to 20-30 big ones can be seen during the dive. During Baited Shark Diving, we can see up to 30-40 Oceanic Black Tip Sharks. During this period, whales are migrating back with their calves, from warm waters of Indian Ocean to South Pole. So while we are rushing on our RIBS to dive with sharks, there are whales constantly breaching all around! You can see a 30 ton Humpback breaching just 50m from our tender boat exposing the whole of it’s majestic body! And NO – we can not dive with whales. Since they have babies with them, it’s strictly forbidden to approach closer that 20m as baby can be hurt by propeller. BUT - nobody said that we can’t see them during the dives! It’s not our problem that they are curious.

NOTE: water temp is about 20 degrees and air 20-25 Celsius

During period February and March, warm water from Indian Ocean cover this area and reef turns into tropical reef. Nudibranch, Rhinopias, Frog Fish, Ghost Pipefish, Manta Rays, Turtles… just amazing what you can see in this place. But let’s back to the sharks.

Water temperature is 24-25 Celsius and Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks LIKE it! Therefore, during that period we can see: Oceanic Black Tips, Spinner Sharks, Raggies, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads! Yes! All of them during one dive!!!

So let’s get ready for some serious Shark Adventure!

Full itinerary:

Arrival / departure from Durban city/ airport
8 Nights Accommodation Blue Ocean Dive Resort
6 Reef Dives Aliwal Shoal
2 Tiger Dives Aliwal Shoal
2 Reef Dives Protea Banks (Hammerheads and Bull Sharks)
All Transfers
Cylinder Hire
Weight Hire
Oribi Gorge Swing
Lunch on Adrenalin day
Mircrolight Flight
Lake Eland Zipline
Park Entrance Fees
Nitrox Fills
Daily Breakfast
MPA Permits
2 Nights Accommodation St Lucia
2 Lunches on Safari
2 Hour Hippo & Croc River Cruise
2.5 Hour Big 5 Night Drive
Full Day Open Vehicle Safari
Imfolozi Park Gate Entrance Fees
Accommodation is based on B’n’B (bed and breakfast)

Dates and Prices