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Diving in Komodo is FUN! Not many areas in Indonesia can offer such a diversity of diving. In slack tide you dive one dive site, with 3 knots current you can drift Golden passage or Shot Gun, at mild currents you can jump in split point at Crystal and Castle rock and witness spectacles of dozens of sharks hovering above your heads and Giant Trevallies hunting in a bait ball of Fusiliers!

Giving that dive sites are very close, there are no long sailings during the night, but most of the time we sleep on anchorage in the silence.

Not many places in the world can offer such a variety of dive sites and such a diversity of marine life. Total length, from North to South is only about 24nm (45km) but diversity of marine life is just unbelievable. North Komodo- Castle rock, Crystal Rock, Golden Passage etc, is more influenced by warm, clear water from Banda sea, therefore its more about hard coral gardens and pelagic. But lets not forget its proximity to Indian ocean full of plankton so soft corals grow in abundance as well. South Komodo - Padar bay and Nusa Kode area are the gate to Indian ocean therefore this area is much more rich with plankton feeders as Soft corals of many kind and macro animals as Nudibranches, Crinoid Sea stars etc. Due to high concentration of plankton, there is also a famous Manta Point. Central Komodo with Batu Bolong, Tatawa Besar, Tatawa Kecil, Makassar reef with Manta rays and other dive sites, is a mix of both north and south. Here is a short, basic list what you can see while diving in Komodo: schooling Jacks, Giant, Golden and Blue fin Trevallies, schooling snappers of many kind, Black Tip, White Tip and Grey Reef Sharks, Sweetlips of many kind, Reef Manta Rays, numerous kind of Nudibranchs, Rinophias, Ghost Pipefish, Frog Fish, and many, many kind of mollusks, hallucinogenic Fire Sea urchins and so much more! And its not true that you MUST be experienced diver to dive Komodo. Yes, those divers will have to skip some tricky dive sites, but with experience of about 250 trips in Indonesia, we can always timing our dives to dive in the best conditions and beginners will not loose the dive but dive in near by bay, with conditions that fit to their skills. Our specialty is to make Advance Divers from Open Water divers during our trips!