Frequently Asked Questions

1What is visibility like?
Visibility can vary from 5 metres to 40 metres. This is never a real concern because the enormous diversity of life in Indonesian waters. Our expert dive guides will always check currents, temperature and visibility prior to a dive. We dive the best dives at the best times to find the best wildlife. Go with the flow, you won’t regret it. Temperatures can vary from 30C/86F to (rarely) 17C/65F but a normal range for most areas is 26/76F to 28C/82F. A 3mm wetsuit usually suffices with a hooded vest as a backup. Take advantage of our onboard dive equipment if you are cold, this is free for our All Inclusive or Repeat guests. Currents are what make the Indonesia diving so special and can vary, the dive team will always check the current prior to a dive. If a dive is called for in a current it is because there is something extraordinary to see. If we feel that a diver’s experience is not adequate we will recommend that they sit a dive out or often the Cruise Director will personally escort the diver to ensure safety. Safety is our priority. We have years of experience in the business so please trust our judgement. We want you to come back and enjoy the experience again.
2What is Enriched Air?
NITROX and Advance Course on board: Yes, there is NITROX on all vessels and we encourage usage as we can spend more time without getting into deco, specialty on Banda Sea trips where all dives are deep (usually we use EAN 25-26% so we can dive down to 40m). Usual price for using NITROX is about 15$/day (3-4 dives) but for our repeating clients we offer it for FREE.

If you don’t have certificates , E- learning prior to trip can be arranged or a short, 1 hour course on board. Regarding Advance Course- yes, it can be arranged during the trip and all it takes is 5 dives (2 days) and some very interesting theory.

Please, mention this, in Guest Information Form so we have enough time in case that you request e- learning (electronic book). Price for NITROX course is USD 100 and Open Water Advance USD 250$ if using book. For e- learning, the price is USD 300
3What medicine should I bring with me?
Every vessel carries basic medical Fist aid kit, and some medicine as:  motion sickness tablets, pain killers , paracetamol etc. However, please understand, that we can not stock eardrops for 14 passengers specially that in some remote area its not even possible to find them. Therefore here is a list of medicine that you REALLY  should bring with you and can save your trip: antibiotic eardrops and tablets  (the best  is to use combined), nose drops, pain killers, diarrhea medicine, flu medicine, muscle pain relief cream or tablets, wide specter antibiotics , antihistaminic cream for coral burns and tablets for possible food allergies (please, mention in Guest Information Form if you have some food allergies or medicine allergies. Specially if you are coming alone ) and all other medicine that you use on regular base. Please understand that harbors where we start end trips are very often small places and pharmacy can have very limited medicine stock. Please have on mind that some trips can be 10 days and both of you can have same problem ( if you are coming as a couple ) so you should bring enough stock for 2 persons. 
4Can I go shopping before getting onboard?
In order to get Port Clearance and permission to leave harbor, all clients must be onboard before Harbor master does  boat inspection. Also we want you to take a nice nap and prepare your gear before check dive and leaving the harbor so its always better to get onboard asap. These are all reasons why we kindly ask you to bring everything with you and leave nothing for last minute shopping. Quick pit stop on local fruit market for some fresh fruits or some some snacks is always welcome , but please try to avoid to go looking for shorts, t shits, batteries, medicine etc. 
5When will I embark and disembark the vessel?
There is no fixed departure time for our cruises allowing guests the flexibility to choose their preferred inbound airline. Most flights into the destination arrive between 06.00 and 12.00. All guests will be met at the airport and assisted with their luggage and transported to the vessel. Once all guests are onboard, the vessel will be receive final clearance paperwork and depart as soon as this is received from the harbour authority.

At the end of a trip the vessel will always arrive well in advance of any flight departure times. Again, guests will be assisted with their luggage and transportation to the airport. Guests can remain onboard with pleasure, but we insist on leaving at least 2 hours to navigate check in at the airport prior to your flight departure.
6Do a need visa to travel to Indonesia?
Yes. However, most passport holders will benefit from the visa-on-arrival system.

This visa is valid for 30 days and for most nationalities is now free; those who need to pay the fee of US$35 will need to do so in cash. If you are coming to Indonesia for more than thirty days a 60 day visa can be bought prior to arrival from the Indonesian embassy in your country of origin only.

Up to date information can be obtained from the following website:  

Please note that your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from your arrival date and that there must be at least one full blank page in the passport.
7Is there anything to pay when I live the country?
There is no longer any departure tax to pay. Please kindly note that this might change. Double check with us prior disembarking.
8What currency should I bring? Can I use credit card and are there automatic tellers available?
Under Indonesian law from June 2015 all on board payments MUST be made in Indonesian Rupiah. Credit Card- These payments may be made in cash or by credit card. If you use a credit card we will charge 3.5%. Visa and Mastercard are the best options in Indonesia but we can also accept American Express.  All international tourist destinations will have credit card machines available in hotels and most restaurants. It is highly recommended to advise your provider that you are travelling abroad. Currency Exchange- We recommend exchanging currency in major banks rather than smaller money changers. The rates are more current and the tellers less prone to miscounting. ATMs- There are many ATM’s and banks in Indonesia. These will dispense currency at a current rate of exchange.  Please note that your bank may charge you for the transaction. If you choose to pay cash it is best to ensure you have enough with you before arriving at your point of embarkation as it is not always possible to obtain sufficient cash in the more remote areas of Indonesia. Tips for your crew are not included and preferred in cash of any currency to minimise tax implications for the crew.
9What are the baggage allowances for domestic flights?
The allowances vary enormously from destination to destination and airline to airline. Our concierge team is constantly monitoring the changes that occur regularly. A safe rule of thumb is 20 kg, or 44 lbs and one bag. However, we cannot avoid taking some small domestic planes to reach the remoter destinations and baggage allowance can sometimes be only 10kg or 22lbs per passenger. Over baggage payments can be as much as US$5 per kilo. Please kindly note that most airline companies will not accept credit cards to pay any excess in weight and you need to consider your return journey as well which may be on a another carrier with differing allowances and prices.   We urge you to take advantage of our dive equipment on the vessels to reduce your baggage weight. Full details of what equipment is available can be obtained from our concierge team. All equipment is top of the line and maintained to the highest standards.
10How do I get from the boat to my hotel or airport and vice – versa?
Transfers with in 20km, to and from the harbour, on the day of embarkation and disembarkation are arranged by our concierge team and are complimentary. We can also arrange all your transfers within Indonesia. You or your travel agent must provide us with your arrival and departure flight details and the rest will be arranged by the concierge team.
11Is there any domestic airport tax to pay?
There is no longer any domestic taxes to pay. They should already be included in the price of your ticket.
12What is the minimum certification I require to dive with Dive MOST OF VESSELS and are there any other requirements?
All diving passengers must provide a current dive certification card of a minimum Open Water level. On occasion by prior arrangement we can certify divers on the vessel but they must have completed all theory and confined water training in a separate location and bring with them all the corroborating documentation. You can contact your dive shop at home for more information. We can organise a limited number of “Experience Dives” with a qualified instructor aboard the vessel, please ask for more information. If you wish to dive with NITROX on the vessel a short training course can be organised by prior arrangement at extra cost. Alternatively bring your NITROX certification card with you and you are ready to go. DIVE INSURANCE IS COMPULSORY. We recommend DAN International. We dive in extremely remote locations. Safety is a priority and we ask you to help yourself by ensuring you have the correct travel and dive insurance for everyone’s peace of mind.
13Im an avid photographer, can I dive on my own and can I have my own guide?
All divers on our vessels will benefit from a 4-1 diver to guide ratio and we understand photographers’ desires and the way they dive. A lot of thought goes in to the formation of the groups. If you would like a private guide this can be arranged at a USD 100 a day of diving, plus the cost of flying the guide to and from the boat. Usually our guests find that with such a small diver to guide ratios this service is unnecessary. We will treat you according to your experience. We encourage you to make use of the (free) Spare Air bottles as an extra safety measure.
14What power does the vessel provide and do I need to bring an adaptor?
Our vessel has 220v power. There are many adaptors on the boat for both battery charging and laptop computers. The standard power socket in Indonesia takes a European two-prong plug however most sockets on board are “international” and will accept almost any pin configuration.

**Please note that for safety reason, guests are only allowed to charge batteries in the camera room during day time and our crew will disconnect all electronic devises overnight.
15Is there Internet available?
Most of vessels I does not have internet available on board. It is equipped with an antenna booster linked to a 4G hotspot. This service is free of charge but only available where there are cell phone towers during your trip and is not guaranteed.

Most of vessels on the contrary, is providing internet through our Sailor 600 Ku Band VSAT system. 
16Im a fussy easter, can you satisfy my needs?
If you have food allergies or have a special diet please let the concierge team know in advance and we will do all we can to satisfy your tastes. Working in remote locations doesn’t really restrict our menu as we try to stock the vessels in advance and transport food regularly to the boat at the start of each trip, however much of our produce is locally grown and may be seasonal. Your comfort, pleasure and health are our priority. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your needs are met. Also, while onboard let our service staff know if you dislike anything on our menu for the day and we will be happy to make you whatever you prefer. We need your input so please be proactive in order to satisfy your desires and needs.
17I like a glass of wine with dinner, is there any onboard and can I bring my own?
Alcohol regulation: every vessel has decent stock of wine, beer and spirits. Since alcohol in Indonesia is very expensive, stocks are limited to average consumers. If you are planing to have extra glass of wine or shot of vodka during the trip, please let us know so we make bigger supplies. Payment in advance will be required. However- you are more than welcome to bring along 1 bottle per person of your favorite wine or spirit. Bringing beers onboard in not allowed.
18What is Enriched Air (Nitrox) and how can I get certified on board?
Enriched Air is what you get when you increase the amount of oxygen in the gas you breath from your tank. This leads to certain advantages underwater, mainly that the amount of No Decompression time you have is greatly increased when compared to diving with ordinary air, but also that there is possibly reduced diver fatigue. As in life there is a balance and with Nitrox the main down-side is that it is not safe to dive deeper than 30m/100 feet. On Most of vessels boats we find that over 90% of our divers feel that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. It is possible to get certified on board the boats and the procedure for doing so is quite straight forward.
19What toiletries should I bring?
At Dive Most of vessels we provide our own range of unique Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion and Hand Soap allowing you to save the time, trouble and baggage allowance for more important items. We also have hairdryers available in each cabin and try to carry a stock of back up items in case you forget something important.
20Do I need Insurance is Mandatory?
Yes, Dive Insurance is Mandatory. 
21Do I need Trip Cancellation Insurance?
Dive Most of vessels strongly recommends trip insurance and specifically trip cancellation insurance. Indonesia lies in the middle of the Ring of Fire, a famed line of active volcanos that circle the Pacific Ocean. In recent months there has been activity in volcanos that lie relatively close to the hub of Denpasar and this has caused considerable disruption to thousands of tourists entering and leaving Indonesia, or travelling between islands. Please allow yourself extra time when booking flight schedules and check the small print of your trip insurance to avoid disappointment.
22Can you organize a bespoke land tour to add to my trip?
Dive Most of vessels would like to offer you our expertise in arranging a tailor-made add-on land tour during your stay in Indonesia. There are a variety of natural wonders and cultural opportunities for you to take advantage of with the added benefit of only visiting the places that please you for the amount of time that you have available. Please contact our reservations team for more information.