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Banda Sea


Diving trip thru Banda sea offers amazing and unique variety of marine life. We will start with muck dive in Ambon bay, dive some of the best coral gardens decorated with the biggest Barrel sponges in the world, Sea snake island of Manuk and, if we are lucky, we can see hundreds of Hammerheads.

Banda sea is the deepest sea in the world with maximum depth over 7.000m. Due to the confluence of three tectonic plates – Eurasian, Pacific and Indo-Australian plates, long chain of underwater volcanoes has been formed andis beginning of famous Ring Of Fire- the most active volcanic area on planet . During our trips thru Banda sea, we will mostly dive those isolated, volcanic islands. Some of them are still active. This chain of volcanic islands is surrounded with 5.000m deep water on the East and 7.000m of water on the West side. Being the shallowest place in Banda sea, this volcanic “ridge” is a feeding ground for many schooling pelagic fish, and in last years became route for Scalloped Hammerhead’s migration during mid September thru November . If the water conditions are right, we can see massive schools counting hundreds of sharks. Very often, those schools have been followed by Great Hammerheads, Thresher sharks, Oceanic White Tip, Gray reef sharks.

Fed by upwelling from Indian ocean on south, soft corals grow in abundance and warm clear water offer perfect habitat for dozens of kind of hard corals.

During the trips thru Banda sea, we will visit famous Spice Islands of Banda Neira, do the land tour visiting Fort Belgica and nutmeg plantations and do sunset dive in Mandarin city- arguably , the biggest colony of Mandarin fish in the world.

And YES - in Banda sea EVERYTING is big, massive, huge, numerous! Its just like that!