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About Milos

A word about Milos. Being a active diver for last 30 years, in CMAS teaching status since 1995, PADI OWSI since year 2006, worked as commercial diver, High School education – biologist, University degree in Tourism , underwater photographer and videographer, Free diver , manager and Cruise director of MSY ATASITA for 7 years and CEO and owner of the company PT Maharaja Internusa that was managing same boat , more than 250 trips under his belt in Indonesian waters from Bali , thru Alor , Banda sea, Triton Bay to Raja Ampat.

As he had more and more request for smaller or bigger boats, higher or lower standards than MSY ATASITA, he decided to sell his business and start organizing and guiding trips using another, trusty vessels under the company Milos Diving Adventure. . Using his skills to manage the boat, crew and all boat’s technical sides, he wisely chooses the vessels for his trips having on mind speed, safety, crew skills, food quality, infrastructure on the boats and of course – dive guides.

Being very detailed in his life and work, he might choose the vessels that you never heard of but with 10 years of experience in Indonesia, he chooses very carefully. Nowadays, brand is not everything. Mass media and social networks can make miracles with completely average product…

Being biologist and diver last 30 years, he is very familiar with currents, fish behaviors and generally with ocean conditions. That’s why he chooses only the best season for his trips for each area. In current- ever- exposed Indonesia, timing is crucial for good and successful dives. Milos knows his currents! If you are current maniac, he will put you in strong current. If you are underwater photographer- he will put in the mild current so you don’t have to fight the current carrying your big camera. All in all- he will provide you the best service possible in Indonesia.

South Africa became his second passion, after Indonesia. That wild ocean, with 3m swell, dives with 30-40 sharks in remote, isolated Aliwal shoal and Protea Banks took his hart 2 years ago. That’s when he decided to start organizing Africa Shark Adventure and Sardine Run with one of the best operators in that area. Itineraries full of adrenaline, diversity, great food and wines! And again- he chose only one month for Sardine run with the most chances to see Bait ball and witness the biggest ocean spectacle on Earth.

Dive safe, be responsible divers, take only photos and leave only bubbles!

Diver’s testimonials:

  • Kat Krupp
    One of the best trip sever! Strongly recommend!!!
    Kat Krupp
  • Mariusz Radyko
    Did great Komodo trip with Miloš, all was perfect: good choice of the boat, great knowledge about currents for each dive site, many non diving activities during the trip, like hiking, village visiting etc and always very good contacy with guests on bord. Deserves 5 stars for sure!!!
    Mariusz Radyko
  • Minni Vangsgaard
    Can't ask for a better experienced dive, buddy, instructor, travel adviser. That extra mile he walks for you at any time / just amazing. Thanks.
    Minni Vangsgaard
  • Andrew Pinto
    Dived with Miloš, he's a thorough gentleman, and takes the time to look after the mirror details so that your dive holiday is just perfect. Nothing is too much trouble… I look forward to my next dive him in Africa!!! Bring on the sharks.
    Andrew Pinto
  • Stefano Edoardo Cirla
    Very experienced diving instructor, super nice and fun!
    Stefano Edoardo Cirla
  • Goran Đikić
    I dive across the globe and the best experience was with Milos. Great dive sites, kind and experienced crew and always great boats.
    Goran Đikić
  • Marija Djiknic, Serbia
    I did Komodo trip with Milos Diving Adventure and that was my first liveaboard trip. As I was inexperienced diver, Milos mentioned that I might need to skip some dives on tricky and dangerous dive sites. That was fine from my side as I haven’t seen much of underwater world anyway. “ But I will try to calculate dive times so you dive most of it”- he said. And I did!! Milos was constantly looking at the watch and ocean surface and I dived all the best dive sites except Batu Bolong and Castle Rock! This guy seriously knows everything about currents, fish behavior and ocean in general! I ve booked Raja Ampat trip with him straight away! Thanks for taking care of me and see you soon!!
    Marija Djiknic, Serbia
  • Sofija Djilas, UK
    Komodo trip with Milos Dive Adventure was a life changing experience! The boat that he chose was amazing! Boat manager very flexible and easygoing, crew and service fantastic, great Dive Guides! We had mixed group of beginners, UW photographers and very serious divers. How Milos knows when the currents will be strong or where and when there will be no current at all, is a still mystery for me! He is real “ old school diver” and gave me so many tips that no books can give you. His passion about ocean and diving is unbeatable! Raja Ampat is our next destination with Milos Diving Adventure! Strongly recommend!
    Sofija Djilas, UK